It’s the last day of June and I am trying to get this post out before *everyone* heads out for the 4th. I decided late last night to create this post because I was reflecting with a friend yesterday about the first six months of this year. For me, it has been “crazy busy” which is to say I was even more busy than my usual “comfortably busy” pace. There were a lot of reasons for that level of busy but that would make for a much too long post. Anyhooo,there were some really tough days that I wanted to throw in the towel. I am glad I didn’t because in addition to regular life, here is just a short list about what I accomplished during this intense time:

  • Built this website (and learned the technology to do it)
  • Hired staff (contractors) to help support my coaching practice
  • Taught a Leadership class to 25 amazing undergrads
  • Had 5 speaking gigs – both public and corporate
  • Began monthly webinars (and learned that technology to do it)
  • Built a new online course for job seekers – Savvy Job Search Group Coaching (coming Aug 3!)
  • Worked with a ton of new people and helped them:
    • Start new work
    • Begin a dream project
    • Change jobs (and have one get a 23K signing bonus!)
    • Make decisions for their “next steps”
    • Become an entrepreneur
    • Start their new job with a “bang”

So, all this to say, A LOT can happen in 6 months. Let’s face it, January feels like a lifetime ago. I would bet that you probably have some things out there that you keep meaning to do or meant to do this year. But guess what?? You still have SIX WHOLE MONTHS to still accomplish them! SIX MONTHS!! So take a moment and just ask yourself, what has been holding you back? – and don’t just answer “busy” or “kids” or “money” because frankly those things are surface answers and will always be the easy out. So ask yourself, what is it that you REALLY want to do and what is REALLY holding you back from what you want to do?

Since we are coming into a long weekend, I wish you lots of rest, relaxation, and fun with friends and family. And, I encourage you to think about what this next six months is going to look like for you and how you are going to get there. Then, renew your commitment to making it happen.