Is this summer flying by or what?!?!?

And, it only seems to be picking up steam. I have relatives in some parts of the country that are actually starting school today!!!


With school starting for some, it reminded me of those back to school assignments many of us had when we were young. The classic “What I Did on Summer Vacation” immediately came to mind. Did you ever have to write this essay or give this speech?

And that thought, brought me here – If you did have to write this essay in September, what would you say? And, is it in alignment with what is important to you?

Now’s your chance to make sure this summer doesn’t get away from you without reviewing where you are and what you wanted to accomplish. And, there is about a month to still make progress. Because, at the end of the day, it really is about making progress.

So take a couple minutes to assess what you what to gain momentum on and how you can nudge it forward. Is it your networking? Start setting up appointments. Is it a new job? Get your resume in order. Is it a new project that you’ve been meaning to launch? Tap people that can help you move it forward.

Don’t let the lazy days of summer take you too far off track from where you head and your heart want you to go. Think about what you would want that essay to say, and then go do it.