Do you know who “your people” are? Do you have a group of them that are your go-to for a variety of dilemmas and challenges. If you do, you have what I call a Tribe. A tribe is that group of people that provide you a place to center yourself. To get counsel. To get a response to your latest idea. And, EVERYONE needs one. When you have a tribe, you create a space where you can get input from people who are vested in you.

A tribe doesn’t have to be huge. It can be two people other than yourself. It can be five people. And, it doesn’t mean they all know each other or interact. Sometimes, you may have two smaller tribes from different areas of your life that provide unique perspectives from each other. Don’t have a tribe yet? Think about 3-5 people whose opinion you value (but will give you the real-story when asked) and engage with them when you need an outside opinion. Use them for a sounding board. If you are a small-business owner, use them as an advisory board. Perhaps go as far as gathering them in a group once a year to provide feedback on your upcoming year plans.