Personal Development

  • Reflections at the halfway point…

    It’s the last day of June and I am trying to get this post out before *everyone* heads out for the 4th. I decided late last night to create this post because I was reflecting with a friend yesterday about the first six months of this year. For me, it has been “crazy busy” which […]


  • Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Take a Leap!

    So it’s Leap Day. I’ve been thinking about this day for a couple of weeks and reflecting on the many leaps I have taken in the past few years. The first big leap was leaving the corporate world behind in 2013. The second leap was to stay home with the kiddos. The next leap was […]


  • A New Year’s Wish for You

    May you discover new amazing things about yourself and have a year of incredible growth.May you follow the path that is right for you and your dreams, not your fears, lead you.May you have a year of good health – physically, emotionally, spiritually.May you heal from any old wounds and repair broken relationships.May you take […]