No job searcher is the same therefore no job search is the same.


The job search process is time-intensive and can be an emotional roller coaster. I’ve put together the best job search packages to help you find the career you will love. Let’s partner together to help you save you time, energy, money and not to mention the headaches from inefficient job searching and then help you negotiate the best package!

Resume Review

Gearing up for a job search and need to know what’s on trend? Don’t understand why you are not getting any calls for the jobs you are applying? Just want to make sure you are presenting yourself in the best light? Send me your resume for review, we’ll set up a call, and I’ll tell you what you’ve got going right and what could be holding you back. During our conversation, I will give you the direction you need to get your resume on track.

Investment: $55

The Trifecta

If it has been FOR-E-VER since you last updated your resume, or, you’re not sure how to explain the gap in your work history, this is for you. This package includes the basics of what you need in place for your job search – your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and a rockin’ cover letter. Within 3 weeks, we will have you ready to go full force into your job search. Service includes:

  • Kick-off session with Kelly to discuss your goals, review your current documents as well as identify your competitive advantage to help you stand out as a candidate
  • A recommended resume template to convert your resume
  • Guided template for crafting a personalized cover letter
  • Two rounds of edits on each document

Investment: $825 

The Works

The Works is a VIP job search package and a partnership where we walk through every step of the job search process for a designated 90-day time frame. During this time, you will receive end-to-end job search support including:

  • Career Exploration – By doing both internal reflection and external research, we will work to identify the path that makes the most sense for you. During career exploration, you will complete career assessments and homework assignments to help you clarify what direction makes the most sense. Value: $1195
  • Job Search Strategy – Maximize your search efforts by identifying the companies that you want to work at based on research and then prioritizing them so you don’t waste your time/energy/money using a shotgun approach. Value: $295
  • Networking 101 – For those that are very uncomfortable with the idea of networking OR if you do not know how to leverage LinkedIn for networking purposes. Learn networking best practices and what to do during networking conversations as well as when and how to follow-up. Value $375
  • Personal Branding – Taking time to create a personal brand that you can use throughout your job search including, your resume, your LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch, and introductions. Value: $295
  • Documents – Updating/revising your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letters. Additionally, all resume/cover letters you submit can be reviewed prior to sending as well a other correspondence like networking invitations and thank you emails. Value: $1095
  • Interviewing – Nail the interviews from phone screen to final by learning how to present yourself and your brand during all the three segments of the interview process: phone screen, 1st round, and 2nd round. Interview prep provided for all interviews. Value: $585
  • Offer Negotiation – Creating your target salary, reviewing your offer(s) and determining strategy for the negotiation process. Value: $195
  • Unlimited 30-minute 1:1s during your 90-day contract. Value: Over $1180

And, since no job searcher is the same and no job search is the same, the package kicks-off with a 90-minute strategy session to get you off to a strong start.  Value: $325

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of over $5500!

Investment: $2395

Career Breakthrough

Not sure what you what to be when you grow up?  Many people face this crossroad multiple times in their career.  This is a good time to take an opportunity to reflect and, if necessary redirect. This service was created for those that just need to go through a thoughtful process for figuring out what they want. Over the span of four sessions, we will go through your background, your current situation, identify your values, strengths, interests and motivators all to help you determine the path that is right for you.

Investment: $1195

Not seeing what you are looking for? Want to create a personalized package? Interested in a group session or workshop for displaced employees? Email me at and I am happy to provide a customized program to target your individual or group needs.