What is a Coaching Intensive and why would you want one? A Coaching Intensive is a half-day all-about-you virtual coaching session. ¬†What happens in during a Coaching Intensive? Major progress, that’s what:

  • New projects get defined and outlined
  • Big plans/goals get mapped out
  • Job searches get a jump start
  • Barriers to success get knocked down

Specifically you receive:

  • One 2.5-hour deep dive of coaching
  • One 30-minute follow-up coaching session within 30 days to give you accountability and to keep you moving forward
  • Unlimited support via email for 30 days after your coaching intensive

Coaching Intensives are perfect for people who need to:

  • Focus on what has been getting in their way
  • Work thru initial stages for a new project or goal
  • Make a big leap and see progress on something they have been meaning to do for a long time
  • Have an affordable coaching option

Let’s get started!!