• What I Did on Summer Vacation

    Is this summer flying by or what?!?!? And, it only seems to be picking up steam. I have relatives in some parts of the country that are actually starting school today!!! What?!?! With school starting for some, it reminded me of those back to school assignments many of us had when we were young. The […]


  • Mind the (Pay) Gap!

    In my practice, I see people for a number of reasons – a job search, a personal goal, a team issue, leadership development, etc. It is normally a pretty good spread of topics and projects.  But, interestingly enough, over the past two weeks, one topic has come up 10x more than usual – salary. Mind the (Pay) GAP  […]


  • Career lessons from the gym…

    Most days I get up at 5:30am and go to a gym that is about 10min from my house for a class at 6:00am. The format of the gym alternates between kickboxing days and weightlifting days. It is an intense workout no matter what and I am semi-convinced the gym owner’s true goal is to […]