Hey there!

I’m Kelly.  Glad you stopped by.

I am a coach, consultant, speaker, and I work with amazing women who are ready to take their personal and professional selves to the next level. My clients want more than a job, they want to follow their passion and fulfill their purpose.

My goal is to help my clients find their confidence, create alignment, and radiate authenticity. (And yes, that’s all possible!).  As your coach, I help you take action so you can create a life and a career you love. Currently, I work with organizations, individuals and speaking/training with groups with career coaching, leadership consulting and team development projects.

When I’m not empowering individuals, leaders and teams to own their total awesomeness, you can find me kickboxing to my favorite AC/DC playlist, running around town with soccer-mom duties, or binge-watching my DVR’d shows while indulging in a little strawberry Haagen Dazs (Elementary, anyone??). 

Other important, but perhaps less fun, facts about me: I have an M.A. in Communication, I am a certified life coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). And, I am an adjunct instructor teaching Leadership courses at the University of Minnesota.

I have helped hundreds of people at various points in their careers. My clients want more than just a job, they want to follow their passion and fulfill their purpose. I am honored to have worked with individuals from all types of industries and backgrounds including:

Amazon | Ameriprise Financial | Armed Services | Boston Scientific | Cargill | Deloitte | Gap Inc. | General Mills | Leadpages | Medtronic | Microsoft | Target | Wells Fargo

So thanks for dropping by. If I can be of service or lift you up in anyway, reach out to me at kelly@kellymcclellan.com.  I’d love to chat.